Sunday, September 12, 2010

Model prova and Apurbo’s Post-Marriage photo gallary

Bangladeshi two top class models and actors Ziaul Faruq Apurbo and Sadia Jahan Prova tied the knot on 19 August, 2010. They was going a Eid Natok shooting and Natok’s name “Paliya Biya” (পালিয়ে বিয়ে). They are acting lot of love drama sense some years and finally prova was week from some days on Apurbo. They take cot marriage and left for Mymensing and staying Apurbo’s friend’s house. After 3 days they back to Dhaka and 22th August, 2010 Apurbo and prova declares on media they get marriage.

Picture of Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life
Model prova and Apurbo eid natok photo
Apurbo & Prova marriage photo
Apurbo and Prova romance photo
Apurbo and Prova love picture
Apurbo and Prova romance photo
Exclusive Photo Gallery of Apurbo and Prova
Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life
Apurbo and Prova
Apurbo & Prova marriage photo

Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life


  1. Never before in Bengali history has a Bengali Muslim/Hindu woman reveal her full nakedness in explicit detail and show her most intimate sexual desire in film or video in the way Sadia Jahan Prova did in this video. It is indeed a world’s first. Hence the phenomenal fascination of this video.
    A Bengali woman sexual desire has always been shrouded in mystery and this video has opened the lid in full explicit detail. As a consequence million's upon millions of Bengali women now and the foreseeable future will think twice ever to allow themselves to be filmed in the bedroom in the way this video has shown. So this video will never go away for many decades to come, as it is one rare moment in time of a Bengali woman expression of sexual desire.
    Rajib knew that pre-marital sex was wrong and wanted to show the world that Sadia was not the beautiful, pure and innocent young woman as presented in the media. Out of a fit of short-sighted anger and heart break he released this video, and so ruining himself.
    The sad fact is that Sadia's life will be destroyed in time as this video will just never go away.
    Do not judge this video and accuse Sadia of being a prostitute, whore, maggi or bitch. These remarks are all baseless, completely false and without foundation. She just had sexual relations with Rajib, for why else would Rajib want to marry her at all cost.
    Most importantly was Apurno mislead. Most definitely - think carefully. If Sadia's mother behaved like Sadia and the truth came out, would Sadia's father or Apurno's father marry her, well the answer would be absolutely NOT. The world has never changed in a desire of absolute trust and honesty in a bond of marriage and a man’s desire to marry a virgin, no matter how hypocritical it sounds.
    Sadia is a young and naive woman who was never taught better at drawing the line of sexual responsibility and the blame goes entirely to her parents for there ignorance in teaching her right from wrong, and there hopeless failure for not discovering there daughter's sexual behaviour.
    Let's not over-look Rajib - he personally groomed Sadia for sex over a long time in there relationship, when he should have acted with moral responsibility and guided her with his love.
    I advise we show no hate to Sadia as her life has now been completely ruined beyond repair with a scandal video, her new angry husband feeling betrayed, heart broken boyfriend and shocked relatives and friends. Now how complicated can life get.